About Us

The present product line covers microprocessor based automatic bag filling system being used in fertilizer and chemical plants. The electronic controller used in this system was originally designed by us for a leading Indian bagging machine manufacturer* on their request around 1987. The original design was based on controller design of the then world renowned bagging machine manufacturer# of UK. The system was 100 % import substitute. This controller was evaluated and cleared by the said UK manufacturer. This controller not only matched all the functionality of the original controller, in fact, it surpassed the original design of UK manufacturer in certain respects. Since then, the company had been supplying these controllers to the Indian bagging machine manufacturer as an OEM till 1998. Even today, approx. 500 bagging machine installations in India are using this controller successfully. The original controller consisted of 10 to 12 PCBs, SMPS , 9” CRT monitor and a feather touch graphics keyboard. Company also provided after-sales service support to the Indian bagging machine manufacturer. Since then, company has developed an equivalent controller substitute, which replaced 10 to 12 PCBs and the SMPS with a single PCB with power saving / space saving technology. Not only this, it also removed almost all intermediate connectors, which were the source of about 80% to 90% complaints in the original design.

In the field of telecommunication company manufactures EPABXs and EPAX of various capacities. In the span of about 5 years, company has developed and sold approx. 2000 EPABXs and EPAXs. The company was engaged in development of advanced software for EPABX for specific applications like hotels, hospitals, residential complex, various support products for EPABX systems like small size UPS, SMPS, battery chargers inverters, interface for microwave link etc. for about 10 years till April 2000.

The company has computer systems for software development, PCB design, inward quality inspection and testing of components. The staff has exposure to 80C51/52, PIC 16C84, 8085, Z80, 8086, 8048, 6800, Intel PXA255/270 and various other standard microprocessor / microcontroller applications on hardware as well as Software sides. Company specialises in reverse engineering the software, hardware of microprocessor based products including software decoding (cracking codes). The PXA255/270 works on windows CE and LINUX platform.

In all its products, company has maintained a high degree of quality control resulting in very low failure rates and after sales maintenance. This quality consciousness is extended on all the fields of manufacturing and design like inward quality control, component assembly (workmanship), mechanical fabrication, burning, finished product testing, packing etc. In fact, as a matter of policy, company wants to enter into only those fields / develop only those products where quality consciousness is important. That is because company believes that on this point, company has an edge over others.

Company's proprietor Mr. R.N. Shah while in GCEL, Baroda, had developed complete Flood Forecasting System for river Yamuna on similar lines and won the UNDP funded global tender against stiff global competition. The system included various microprocessor based, solar powered data collection platforms working in difficult Himalayan terrains and exposed to extreme climatic conditions like snow, rain, heat, humidity etc. Various data collection platforms were meant to collect rainfall, river water level, temperature, humidity data in Yamuna River catchment areas and transmit them to Master Teleprocessor situated at Central Water Commission (CWC) Head Quarters at R.K. Puram, New Delhi via a chain of VHF (microwave) communication link of voice grade. The data thus collected by Master was used by various software models to forecast the flood time, flood intensity, water levels at various places along the route of river Yamuna during flood times and so on. This HP Computer system also transmitted the processed data to another HP computer system located at Indian Meterological Department (IMD) Headquarters at New Delhi.