Our Services

Design and Produce OEM Products

Pump Controller
Designed for an OEM, the PUMP Controller is ment to regulate water pressure flow in large public places like Hotels.
The unit provides complete management of complex waterflow systems.

Salient features of the controller are...
  • Automatic boosting of water pressure based on demand fluctuation
  • Interface for 4 pressure booster pumps
  • 4 independent water pressure switch settings
  • Pumps management of faults like overload, drt run, over temperature.
  • Alarm indication / announciation
  • Pump usage rotation for regulation of operating hours
  • Management data information like Pump operating hours, pump maintenance schedules.

Oil Flow Meter
Designed for an OEM, the Oil flow meter is ment to monitor / regulate various oil consumptions in large garages. Primarily it is designed for complete customer satisfaction and preventing pillferage.

Highlights of the Unit are...
  • Ticket printing for customer and account purposes
  • Time stamping of all data
  • Keeping track of oil stocks and generating management reports
  • Simple operator interface
  • Can be connected to upto 4 field oil flow sensors
  • USB interface to PC for all necessary management data like
    • Individual time stamped customer / operator transactions
    • All stock reports
  • Optional large remote display connectivity
  • Optional alphanumerical display connectivity

Pump Controller Unit
Oil Flow Meter Unit


Weigher Refurbishment

We can use our 25 years of indepth knowledge in weighing systems to upgrade your industrial weighing systems.

Typically, this can be used to refurbish your existing old ( may be 20 to 30 years old ) weighing installations with latest electronics, giving it a new lease of life.



We can share our technical strength in core areas like:
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mettallurgy
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Optics
to design multi-disciplinary products for the industry.

Reverce Engineering

We have generated a mastery of understanding any electronic product ( especially Industrial Electronics ).
You have any requirement of developing any new application to match any existing comperetor product, we can do that for you..

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

We can support industrial electronics OEMs in any /all aspects of EMS like:
  • Design
  • Test
  • Manufacture
  • Return / Repair services

We can take up manufacturing of Leaded / SMD components from simple to very complex / dense multi layer Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

Design / Development of Industrial Electronics Products / Systems

From the very inception, we have been rolling out new electronic products, especially Embedded / Micro-controller products on-goingly.



Along with the hardware specialisation; we have a sound base of software support like:
  • PC based industrial software in Visual Basic; Visual C++; .net.
  • Assembly level software on various micro controller platforms.
  • Reverse Assembly of existing products to design competetive products
  • Design of products on WINCE, LINUX and other RTOs application platforms.

Industrial Electronics Maintenance

We support various manufacturing industries, who have electronics controllers built into their products by takeing care of their electronics maintenance needs. We offer flexible / cost-effective maintenance solutions to such industries as plastic injection moulding machine manufacturers; CNC machine tools manufacturers etc.