Inward Component Inspection:

  • Component Testing : (Active and Passive )
  • Bare Board Testing : Before mounting the components on P.C.B., each pcb is inspected/tested for various parameters.

Inward Quality Check Procedures:

There is a separate inward components quality inspection department. All the components received at the works are inspected for 100% quantity . This involves following stages :

  1. Visual inspection: To find out any apperently non-acceptable components.
  2. Burn-In testing : All active components are powered up at 550 C in High temp oven for 24 hours. This shall show up all infant mortality failures.
  3. Component Functional Testing : Only Burn-in test passed components are subjected to this test. All the parameters of the components are examined using various test instruments like Digital multimeter, Oscilloscope, Computerised IC test system, RLC meter, Oven, EPROM Programmer and certain in-house test jigs specially made for certain critical components.
  4. PCB Bare Board Testing : PCB Being a critical component to all Electronic assemblies, all PCBs are inspected for track shorts and open on computerised bare-board tester, at sub contractor bare board testing facility.


  1. Test on Raw materials:
    • Visual Inspection
    • Burn-In Test
    • Functional Testing
    • Special Test Jig Testing/Bare Board Testing

      Equipment Used : Digital Multimeter, Oscilloscope, High Temp.Oven, RLC Meter, IC Tester, computerised IC Test Equipment, EPROM Programmer, Special Test Jigs
  2. Routine Tests :
    • Pre.Assembly Inspection
    • Sub - Assembly Functional Testing
    • In Process Assembly Visual & Functional Inspection
    • Final Assembly Testing
    • Test Jig functioning at elevated temperatures.

      Equipment Used : Digital Multimeter, Oscilloscope, High Temp.Oven, RLC Meter, Computerised PCB Test Setups, Specialised jigs for PCBs, Logic Analyser, Specialised Test Jigs.
  3. Acceptance Tests :
    • Customer Specific/ Project Specific.
  4. Type Tests:
    • Burn-In Component testing
    • Burn-In Sub-Assembly testing
    • Burn-In Assembly Testing
    • Vibration Testing

      Equipment Used : Vibration test Jig, High Temp. Burn-In Oven, Special Test Jigs