We have devloped two type of weighing controllers.


  • PACKCON has a standard inter face and is capable of working with range of NET(BPU) and GROSS Weighers(EWG).
  • Microprocessor controlled operations ensuring reliability and consistent performance.
  • 9 inch LCD for data display and messages for better understanding. Digital weight display and Bar Graph.
  • One touch zero and span calibration.
  • Compact highly integrated control system.
  • SMD technology.
  • Full sealed keyboard.
  • Push button entry of weighing control parameters with password protection.
  • Load cell amplifier and A to D converter for load cell signal. Software having auto zero and span checking to eradicate noise/drift effects. Software also has facility of signal filtering.
  • Opto isolated 230V AC / 110 V AC / 24 V DC plant inputs and dry contact relay outputs.
  • Rack mounted model.
  • Machine address given can be used for computer networking.
  • Versatile in handling various bag sizes.

A serial communication facility is also provided if required.PACKCON can be interfaced to a serial printer for hard copy of data.
For getting soft copy of data it can be interfaced with computer. The data can be archived as well as modified by the PC. PACKCON can also be connected to a 5 - digit seven segment display to view the weight of the sampled bags.

PACKCON helps the management to keep an overview on the plant efficiency. It logs various alarm conditions, faults, (e.g. overweight, underweight, zero error) inventories, etc. The logged information can be displayed on the 9" Graphics LCD Module.

For more technical details...

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Packcon Unit
Packcon Panel