Present Projects Under Progress

  1. Advanced Weigher controller with Intel PXA255 processor and software with window CE and LINUX platform
  2. Oil Dispenser controller
  3. Data Acquisition System
  4. Handy Hardness Tester


Some of the old projects executed are summarised here:

  • Electronics Weighing Controller for hopper based Bagging Weighers.
  • Pipe length Measuring system for TATA IRON & STEEL, Jamshedpur : Involving Micro Controller PC and RS 485 communication bus.
  • Remote Terminal Units designed to interface with transformers in agricultural farms and connected to centrally located PC through VHF sets for monitoring voltage, current, power, oil temperature and oil level. Also useful for remote metering and unmanned feeder control stations etc.
  • Baby Incubator based on 8052 hardware and software which involved keyboard, 7 segment displays, temperature sensor and heater duty cycle control.
  • Intelligent flasher for photography which involved PWM control of lamp intensity, synchronization of various flashers in the field to microsecond accuracy through light sensing and worked on 8051/52 platform.
  • Photo Exposure Controller designed, to control / monitor air evacuation and photo exposure in stationery printing industry.
  • Steam Controller meant to control steam flow reaching different plants from the main boiler plant. 89C52 controller was used and the software was written using KEIL microvision Integrated Development Environment.
  • Hydraulic unit Controller development to replace the existing hydraulic clutch break system with new generation hydraulic linear valve technology for upgradation / retrofitting of old turret punch presses and similar hydraulic applications.
  • HVAC LAB automation using RS485 modules and CITECT MMI / SCADA for testing parameters like airflow, air velocity, pressure, temperature humidity, voltage current and power of Air Cooler, Refrigerator, Water Cooler and Air conditioner.
  • Different intelligent isolated modules like 8 channel digital input, 8 channel digital output, Input frequency measuring interface, single phase power interface with V, I and real power outputs, were designed and used to measure various parameters.
  • EPABX / EPAX : Small size EPABX and EPAX designed, manufactured and marketed. (till 2000)
  • SMPSs of various capacities : used for industrial purpose are being designed and manufactured.
  • Second sourcing of various obsolete items to US market like SMPS, Keyboard and Like.
  • Remote Control Dental Chair ( microprocessor based ):This instrument provide facility for Up , Down, Front , Back of chair through motor from Keyboard , Footswitch & Remote Control. It provide programming for position of chair upto 3 types. One can set chair position as per one's requirement & choice. Auto sequence & interlinking between splitoon - tumbler ON/OFF for water. It also provides clock - display for time , date , month , year.
    It also provides priority & interlinking between dental instruments like Airsucker , Airmotor , airrotor , Scaler , micromotor,lightcure. It also provides X-ray viewer halogenlight.
  • Battery Charger Cum Inverter
  • 1200 BPS modem.
  • Steam Controller.
  • Hopper Loader Controller