Other Bagging Equipments & Services

Single source for all your packing needs
including flexible customization:

Consultronics Pvt. Ltd. with a proven track record can meet all your packing line automation needs with complementary supply / feed hoppers, discharge hoppers, bag holders for open-mouth and valve bags, convey sealing and stitching systems; check- weigher and go-no go attachments and also customized special purpose attachments and auxiliary attachments like de-dusting, dust-extraction.

The product line also includes applications like

  • Fully Automated weighing, packing and palletizing lines
  • Open mouth, valve bags & weigh filling
  • FIBC platform & industrial weighing systems
  • Drum filling
  • Metering and mixing
  • Bulk material bagging systems for mobile application
  • Batch tipping machines

For all your needs, you can expect accuracy, repeatability, speed , best value for money in our designs matched with excellent service.

A high level of design expertise for all your special needs and even flexible customization.

Rapid return of capital outlay by optimum throughput

Working with various feeders (gravity, belt, screw, vibration, valve etc.) to suit material & through put rate.

Best response time due to rigid weighing system results in high throughput.

High reliability & repeatability with high throughput achieved by sturdy design & intelligent software control.

Jumbo bagging System